The spirit is the third pillar. Well-being of the spirit leads to joyousness, happiness and ultimately bliss. Our emotional state is directly connected to the state of the spirit.

Another U dedicates to facilitation of the spirit through a fascinating journey of self discovery. Gentle nudges towards awareness, awakening and realization.this is does so through Practical Spirituality - so relevant to our times.

Protection and Healing of the spirit is facilitated through tapping of free energy by various known methods. Another U facilitates through:-

  • Awakening and Awareness- Guided Meditations and tips on practical spirituality.

  • Healing- Reiki, EFT and Past Life Regression Therapy.

  • Guidance- Tarot readings and Angelic Divination.

  • Energy cleansing of your immediate environment.

All the interventions and therapeutic techniques are to facilitate healing, nurturing and shielding the spirit in your fascinating journey through life’s rich experiences in your quest to discover Another U in yourself.