Another U. There is always Another U. Always. Always has been.Always will be there. Waiting to be discovered. Awakened. Realized. Another U mirrors you.

Matches you. Grows with you. And merges. A fusion which makes you the whole- the person which your soul meant you to be. The process of discovery and integration is an exciting churning – a beautiful journey. A journey to be shaped by you. With a little help- a nudge- a gentle push onto your chosen path.

Another U is your friend and equal. Holding your hand as you tread your path. Facilitating the nudges and the gentle pushes all along the twists and turns. Quietly rejoicing as you exult at the zeniths. Firmly equipping you for the nadirs.

As you allow Another U to integrate, rejoice and share all, you magically evolve into the beautiful human being that you are meant to be.