Another U is essentially a healing platform. We guide you through the process and facilitate healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Then as the healing process is complete, we facilitate your empowerment, re-igniting in you the zeal which makes you take control of your life- your external environment and the three manifests of your soul- body, mind and spirit.

To that outcome we at Another U will do the following:-

  • Consultations :- Angel card readings, Tarot readings and NLP. The consults commence through conversation (telephonic or meetings) and continue over counseling sessions (Contact or over Skype).

  • Healing:- Reiki, PLR, NLP and EFT. Facilitations through sessions (Meetings or Skype).

  • Empowerment:- NLP techniques and empathetic support. Facilitations through sessions, workshops and seminars in different cities through our “reach out programs”.

  • Theme based “reach out programs” to deal with issues, challenges and traumas and arrive at empowerment using powerful mind conditioning techniques. These are workshops where we tackle specific issues collectively.

  • Mentoring:- Through practical techniques.