What is the reason that you would choose to register with Another U?

Another U is an anchor- a single window platform. It is an opportunity for you to take the initiative and get a firm grip on your life, move forward and transform into the “Another U” that you are meant to be.

How does Another U help facilitate transformation in your life?

The Facilitators at Another U are coaches equipped with the three most important requisites to transform.

  • First, they are qualified on the skills and powerful techniques that will step by step facilitate your awareness, healing nad empowerment.

  • Second, they have the experience and the courage- i.e. they have gone through similar journeys as the one you undertake now. They share the same zeal for self-discovery and transformation that you are seeking. They have had the courage to take the initiative and move forward in life.

  • Third, they facilitate with empathy towards your issues, challenges and traumas and will ensure that you achieve your outcomes on your own terms.

What do you gain by choosing to be a member of the Another U community?

  • You get an anchor comprising of experience, empathy, courage and skill to lead you along your path of self-discovery and transformation.

  • You get to seek out and interact with other members with similar journeys as yours and seeking transformation in their own selves.

  • You get access to the blog where you not only gain insight into the experts’ perspectives on myriad issues pertaining to transformation of the body-image-mind-spirit, you are encouraged to interact and post constructively and with a sense of purpose.

  • You get access to the tips available to improve your health, image and emotional status and also get to comment on how they were helpful.

  • You get access to information on events and programs being organized by Another U. these programs are specially designed to facilitate equipping and and empowerment through workshops and seminars.

  • You get discounts on energy exchanges while you enroll for workshops and seminars relevant to your transformation.

  • You get discounts on consultations and one-on-one sessions with experts and facilitators.

  • You get to contact the right facilitator/ expert who will be closest or most convenient to suit your requirement for your one-on-one consultations and sessions.

  • You get expert guidance of our experts on image makeovers and grooming.

  • You get access to interaction on our social media platforms linked to the website.

Is registration free?

Yes registration is completely free of cost. Your need to be a part of Another U is totally driven by your need to seek transformation in your Image, Health, Perspective and Emotional Status.

How does one be a part of Another U?

The process of registration and being a part of Another U is simple. Once you fill in the form available on the website and send us your message pertaining to the changes you are seeking, Another U will reach out to you and facilitate your membership, healing and empowerment.

What does Another U ask in return?

Other than energy exchanges for specific consultations and participations in “reach out programs”, workshops and seminars, Another U seeks no material reciprocation. At the same time, Another U would encourage:-

  • Reading the information on its blog and constructively responding. The aim being to bring about constructive transformation both within and collectively.

  • Benefitting from the tips given to bring about positive changes in your health, image, mind and spirit.

  • Participation in seminars, workshops and reach out programs being organised by them.

  • Spreading word about Another U’s calling- the zeal to transform lives, as you realise how Another U has facilitated the changes in yours.

  • Interact with, empathise and help other members in their journeys.

  • You to reach out to people with issues, challenges and trauma and those seeking positive changes in their lives to join Another U.

What are the “reach out” programs by Another U?

  • Open workshops on image makeovers.

  • Workshops on healthy living.

  • Theme based seminars on issues, challenges and traumas relevant to all of us. Common themes being Domestic violence, Abuse, Relationships, Parenting, Addictions and Substance Abuse, Stress.

Where all will the reach out programs be scheduled?

To start with, Another U plans to reach out in major cities like New Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Guwahati. Block schedule is available on the Events calendar.

What are the benefits of reach out programs?

  • Reach out programs are designed to equip, re-equip, reinforce and empower yourself. On conclusion, a participant will be able to deal with issues and challenges independently and without the need to seek sympathy or assistance.

  • Another U would invite participation from organisations and support groups who converge on the themes of the reach out programs and would further the empowering process.

Can non-members participate in the reach out programs?

Yes, any individual who seeks to transform can participate in the reach out programs.