Angelic Divination


About NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psycho-therapeutic technique which which uses Linguistics to Program or re-program your sub-conscious Mind. A powerful technique, it has myriad benefits. The tools awaken you to different perceptions about reality.

Followed correctly, some of the things NLP facilitates are:-

  • Changing your perception towards life.

  • Dissociate from unpleasant memories and move forward with only the lessons learnt towards your desired outcome

  • Builds up and enhances your internal resources (qualities) such as confidence, focus, motivation etc.

  • Allows you to accept an outcome by reinforcing your internal coping mechanisms.

  • Address issues challenging the well-being of your body and mind.

  • Helps you to arrive at your own solutions in life- personal/ professional.

The new ways of thinking you develop by following NLP techniques with true intent are capable of transforming your approach to life.

About the Workshop

The workshop will be a day long exercise with a bit of pre-work. It would entail the following:-

  • Pre-Work: On registration, the facilitator will have a one on one interaction with each participant. This would mainly focus on the facilitator understanding the participants' reason for attending the workshop. It is a step towards focusing on every participants' individual need so that the outcome at the conclusion of the workshop personally benefits the participant.

  • Pre-work Questionnaire: A simple set of questions which you ask yourself to facilitate introspection.

  • Structure: The workshop will mostly be activity based. The focus would be on sharing the empowering tools and facilitate the participants achieving his / her goals. The broad structure would be as under:-

    • Introduction to NLP.

    • Perception vs Reality.

    • Awareness of ones sensory acuities(how a person receives / represents reality).

    • Anchoring: (embedding techniques to enhance or reinforce one's internal resources( qualities).

    • Stress negation(relaxation techniques).

    • Chunking (Breaking down a challenge into smaller parts and arrive at a solution).

    • Coping mechanisms of the brain.

    • Introduction to Meta Models.

    • Goal setting.

    • Take Aways On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:-

      • Differentiate between myriad perceptions which exist in their own individual life and that several options thus exist in dealing with reality. Thus at every challenge – able to generate more options.

      • Be aware about one's own personal way of taking in reality- and modify them at free will.

      • Empower themselves by reinforcing their strengths and negating weaknesses. Deal rationally with threats / hindrances towards achievement of goals.

      • Improve relationships – professional and personal.

      • Improve decision making.

      • Set and achieve personal and professional goals.