What We Do


A healthy and a fit body is essential to transform into the persona you desire to be. Another U guides you through the process of fitness and health.

And this is how Another U helps transform your thought process nudging you towards a fitter body, a healthier life style and a complete persona makeover.

  • Fitness Tips:  General tips for a healthier living with invites to share your thoughts and experiences with the rest of the Another U family.
  • Fitness capsules by expert consultants tailor made to suit your body type and requirement to get you into your desired shape.

  • Tips on healthy eating.

  • Yoga as way of life with yoga tips.

  • Tailor made yoga capsules with offline and online consults.

  • Expert guidance and facilitation on skin, hair and make up tailor made to suit you and facilitate your image make over.

  • Capsules / workshops to facilitate :-

    • Dressing sense- social, professional.

    • Social etiquettes.

    • Finesse

    • Holistic online finishing school learning to help you project yourself as you desire.